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About me.

I am a top-rated plus freelancer in Upwork and has been in this industry since 2011.

Initially, I started as a Front-end web developer; it’s been my passion to build websites since I was in college, but later on, I got a chance to work with a client who needed SEO support. It became really interesting to me as I realized that there’s a huge demand for this niche as it seemed that almost all businesses wanted to rank at the top of Google search results. That’s when my journey started. From there on, I got engaged with a lot of projects related to on-page SEO, webpage optimization, fixing technical site issues and building backlinks for websites to improve it’s traffic and SEO ranking.   

The off-page is the most fulfilling and challenging part of SEO for me. It rewards me whenever I see my client’s site traffic or ranking improve. I believe this works like an investment where you have to pay for it now but enjoy the benefit later and it is expected to last a lifetime. 


Satisfied Clients

Client preference is always my priority. I typically align this with their goals with their budget. 


Working Hours

Working with remote team globally, no matter what’s your timezone I’m flexible and open for catch up meetings. 


Long Term Projects

I usually grab long-term projects for the reason that implementing SEO strategies and optimizing pages takes some time; the same goes for the result of these efforts, including link building. 


Optimized Pages

Optimizing pages and fixing technical site issues is the key to better flow of traffic on a business website. 

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